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Guided tours and bike rental in Seville | Centerbici
At Centerbici we adapt to your needs, therefore all our services are there with you in mind. A team of professionals dedicated to show you Seville and our art.

As soon as you walk in our shop you will feel embraced by Andalusia’s essence, that of Seville and our advisors. Every out-of-towner feels disorientated and with lots of questions (How many places are there to visit? What’s the easiest way to do so? What are the entrance fees to the landmarks?…) At Centerbici we will help you find the optimal route from our shop and will suggest the easiest ways to access your hotel.

If you wish, you can leave it up to us and take up one of our spectacular tours in Seville, in which you won’t miss a single detail of Seville’s spectacular history without having to rummage through tourist guides. We go straight to the point, clearly and very attentive, we don’t want you to waste your time.

Furthermore, if you need a bike to just cruise, we offer all our customers that enjoyed of a guided tour, the EXTRA DAY rate for only 7€.

We also want you to get to know our cuisine, have you enjoy pescaíto frito and our world-known art: flamenco.

Our Sevillian advisor, will tell you all the secrets to have the most intense and unforgettable experience feeling more like a visitor than a tourist. We work with the best and we are adaptable to any budget!

Just ask!!!

Tours in Seville

We will show you Seville in an entertaining, fun and interesting way. You will have diferent routes to your disposal to choose from.

Tour Histórico: Las puertas de Sevilla | Tours en Sevilla | Rutas turísticas | Tours en Sevilla

Historic Tour: The doors of Seville

Tour del Vino | Rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Wine Tour

Tour Itálica: La Sevilla romana | Rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Italica Tour: The Roman Seville

Cinema Tour in Seville | Bike guided tours in Seville | Centerbici

Cinema Tour in Seville

Tapas in Seville | Tours in Seville | Guided tours

Tapas Tour

Picnic Tour | Guided tours in Seville | Bike tours in Seville

Picnic Tour

Tour Sevilla de Noche | Tours en Sevilla | Rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Tour Seville at Night

Private Tour in Seville | Tourist routes in Seville | Centerbici

Private Tour

Craft beer in Seville Tour | Guided tours in Sevile | Bike tour in Seville

Craft beer in Seville Tour

Water tour | Guided tours in Seville | Bike tours in Seville

Water Tour

Bike rental and guided tours in Seville

Sevillian Tour

Bike rental in Seville

Our bikes for rent are light, manageable, comfortable and safe. They’re all made in Spain. We will advise you where to go.

Bike shop in Seville

Now you can buy our bikes, the very same we use to give the best service for the best price. We also have recycled models available.

Tienda de bicicletas en Sevilla
Guided tours and bike rental in Seville | Centerbici

Bike workshop in Seville

Don’t let just anyone put their hands on your bike. We’ve got a repair workshop, with a professional mechanic that will keep your bike ready.

Flamenco in Seville

We will take you to see the art of our city, from the most intimate flamenco to the best flamenco show featuring professional singers and dancers.


Bike rental in Seville for 2 days | Rent a bike in Seville | Offer PACK

PACK 2 Days bike rental

PACK Bike Tour + Bike Rental in Seville 24h

PACK Bike Tour + Bike Rental 24h.

PACK Flamenco + 24h. Bike rental