About us

Why our clients like to work with us

Who are we?

Seville is synonymous with history, culture, climate, cuisine, flamenco, leisure and folklore.

The city has evolved into one of the worlds most pleasant cities where you can cycle through in an easy and healthy way without tedious and annoying rides.

In this context Centerbici was born; a young, dynamic and dedicated company. We are mainly focused on bicycle tours and rentals, with a comprehensive concept and professional guides. We make sure our visitors feel welcome and properly guided so they’re able to fully enjoy everything our city has to offer.

Giralda - Sevilla | Foto: Miguel Ortiz
Welcome to a different way of getting to know Seville! Welcome to Centerbici!

Our shop

Our name isn’t a coincidence but reality. Centerbici is located in the Alfalfa quarter right in Seville’s city center. We’re placed on a courtyard that was built during the 19th century and once belonged to the Trinitarian charist monks, in an area that’s known for its extensive culinairy and leisure spots.

Wooden beams, Sevillian courtyards, orange blossom smell in the air… these are just one of the little pleasures you find on your itinerary. So we’re not just another bike rental shop in the Seville area.

Aquiler de bicicletas y rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Why us?

We are located in the centre of the city, next to Alfalfa square and close to all the interesting sights you can visit during your stay. Our shop is easy to reach with public transport (metro, taxi, bus) and located on a footpath.

All our guides are Sevillian natives. That’s why we do not only offer common routes which will take you to all the well known monuments. We’ll also take you to less traditional places which are usually not mentioned by other travel agencies or tour guides.

Everyone who books with us will get discounts and deals for events and establishments in the area.