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Italica: The first Roman city in Spain

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Italica is, according to history, the first city created by the Roman Empire in Hispania, and outside the Italian Peninsula, from which it acquires its name. It is considered, by some authors, as the most important work carried out by the Romans in Andalusia.

Who invented the bicycle? | Bike tours in Seville | Bike rental in Seville

Who invented the bicycle?


La primera bicicleta a pedales y con palancas de conducción, similar a la que hoy en día conocemos, fue inventada por Kirkpatrick Macmillan en 1839.

Safety measures when cycling | Bike rental & Guided tours in Seville

Safety measures when cycling


Our health is the most precious thing we have. Our body is unique and irreplaceable. We have the possibility of taking care for it.