Bike shop in Seville

You can buy our bikes, new and second-hand

At Centerbici you'll find the best bike shop in Seville

We sell bicycles in our bike shop in Seville at the best price and we will give you the best service. Recycled and secondhand models are repaired ​​in our workplace and come with a full warranty.

In addition, if you decide to purchase one of our bikes than we do not charge rent. Ask our advisors for more information.

Bike shop in Seville | Centerbici
Tienda de bicicletas en Sevilla

New bikes

We only sell bikes of models that are manufactured in Spain. These bikes perform at a very high level, are modern and suitable for everyone. They will come with a full warranty. We also offer a FREE RENTAL so you can enjoy your bike first. If you’re convinced of your purchase we won’t charge you any rent. Ask our advisors.

Recycled and secondhand bikes

Are you looking for a bike at an affordable price? Do you like retro or want to be unique? We adapt to your needs; what pleases you the most and what do you want. We offer a wide variety of bikes, fully repaired and refurbished in our workshop with a full warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything . We do not want your purchase, we want your trust!

Tienda de bicicletas en Sevilla
Tienda de bicicletas en Sevilla

Parts and accessories

We have everything for when there is something wrong with your bike. We know what you need and how to fix it. We have a lot of spare parts so you can always count on us with your bike problems. Our specialists have also a big assortment of accessories. Give your bike a personal touch and distinguish yourself from the rest. We know you’re unique!

F.A.Q. – Frequented Asked Questions

We give you the option to rent the bike first so you can try it out before making a decision. We do not charge you with the rent If you decide to buy it.

You can pay by cash, debit and credit card or with a bank transfer.

You have the option to pick up the bike in our store, where you have to choose to take it fully mounted or in the box. If you want to get the bike delivered to your home than the pedals and saddle will be pre-assembled. The instructions will also be included. Shipping costs are not included in the price.