Tours in Seville

Tourist routes in Seville with bilingual guides

In Centerbici, we offer the best bike guided routes in Seville.

We teach Seville on an entertaining, nice and interesting way, no way to unnecessary navigating routes and walks out of filling.

That is why we offer some guided tours in Seville, cradle in the culture, the nature and the leisure.

Plaza de España, Barrio de Santa Cruz, flamenco shows… there are a lot ox experiences and things to do in Seville!!!

Bike rental and guided tours in Seville

Sevillian Tour

With this tour in Seville, you are going to meet the most historic and monumental Seville. When you have done this route, you really know Seville.

Tour del Vino | Rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Wine Tour

A tour in Seville where you will take a bike ride and taste the wines of our land, enjoying all that this city has to offer.

Tour Itálica: La Sevilla romana | Rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Italica Tour: The Roman Seville

On this tour in Seville we will know the ruins of Italica, the first city in the Roman Empire built outside the Italian peninsula.

Private Tour in Seville | Tourist routes in Seville | Centerbici

Private Tour

You know Seville in a generic way, but you want to get into the bowels of the city. This is your tour in Seville.

Tour Histórico: Las puertas de Sevilla | Tours en Sevilla | Rutas turísticas | Tours en Sevilla

Historic Tour: The doors of Seville

On this route we will show you the gates of the remaining parts in Seville with their historical mysteries and exciting stories.

Water tour | Guided tours in Seville | Bike tours in Seville

Water Tour

In the Water Tour, you can meet the green and ecological Seville, by the Guadalquivir riverside. Enjoy the gorgeous weather and nature sounds.

Craft beer in Seville Tour | Guided tours in Sevile | Bike tour in Seville

Craft beer in Seville Tour

We propose a tour in which you will get to know Seville by bicycle, pausing during the visit to taste the best craft beers in Seville, enjoying our city, its good climate and its life.

Tour Sevilla de Noche | Tours en Sevilla | Rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Tour Seville at Night

Seville at Night. At the fall of the sun, the city is still full of colors, doves and good temperature. If by day Seville is special, at night it is unique.

Picnic Tour | Guided tours in Seville | Bike tours in Seville

Picnic Tour

A very special tour in Seville, in which, besides enjoying in Seville’s surroundings, we’ll make a picnic with a selection of Sevillian tapas.

Tapas in Seville | Tours in Seville | Guided tours

Tapas Tour

Seville is the world capital of the tapas. We offer a guided tour in Seville which combine culture and gastronomy; riding a bike visiting the city.

Cinema Tour in Seville | Bike guided tours in Seville | Centerbici

Cinema Tour in Seville

In this tour we will ride those scenaries that were chose by several filmes, as Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, Night and Day or even Game of Thrones.

Guided tours in Seville

There are many ways to discover Seville, but none will give you as much freedom as getting on a bicycle. Enjoy the Andalusian capital with these tours in Seville that we’ve designed for you, and know the charms of a perfect city for pedaling.

Seville by bike: Get to know the city in depth

Are you bored by the tourist routes in Seville in the traditional style? Then you have come to the perfect place to make a visit that is out of the normal ones.

We propose an alternative way to know this fantastic city on the banks of the Guadalquivir river. Its culture, its history, its gastronomy and, of course, the charm of those places that are easier to access with a vehicle like the bike.

Our touristic routes in Seville are designed for those travelers who do not conform to the “typical” things and want to make the most of their stay with activities that show the most authentic life of the city.

Bike tours in Seville that have been designed so that each pedal is worthwhile. No more miles or unnecessary stops: only what you are really interested.

Not all European cities can boast such favorable conditions for urban cyclists. And much less to count on such a wide offer of touristic routes by bike.

We organize our tours around different themes to adapt to the expectations of each type of visitor. There are many different activities that emphasize a certain aspect of the city, so that you do not leave Seville without knowing in depth what you find most attractive among all the options available in Centerbici.

A visit that will go on wheels

Don’t worry, we are talking about touristic routes in Seville, not a competition. To join these activities you do not have to be in exceptional physical shape. It is only necessary to feel like spending a fun day and be ready to enjoy in a very special way.

Riding one of our bikes the city looks different. Maybe you have done some other tour in Seville and you know some of its most famous monuments, but the bike routes that we propose will show you a new perspective of the capital.

Do you have your own bike? Great! You can also join the group without problems and also benefit from a discount on the contracting of your guided tour in Seville. The idea of these tours is to show you the city in the company of other people who have the same interests and who love to make new friends almost as much as pedaling. Or, if you prefer, we can also prepare a private tour in Seville, exclusive for you and yours.

Walking around Seville with bilingual guides

Surely we have already convinced you that visiting Seville by bike is the most fun way to get into the city, but we have not told you the best.

A bilingual guide will accompany you along the entire route you have chosen, so you do not miss any details.

Guided tours to know the typical gastronomy of the region, to soak up its history or to enjoy a picnic day in good company. Whatever your choice you are going to have at your side a person who will ensure that your visit to Seville by bike is much more enjoyable.

The pace of the tour is adapted to the participants, so you have time to get to know each other, take pictures or ask questions. All this in the company of a professional guide who will answer all your questions, in your language or in Spanish, and with all the information you need to live the city not only from a strictly cultural perspective, but also knowing the details of your day to day.

Fun every day of the week

The most beautiful corners of Seville do not have schedules. The city is just as beautiful at any time of the year and whatever the weather conditions. There is nothing that stops us in the realization of these bike tours, we can even know Seville at night.

The cities must be discovered at all times of the year to know its essence, its changes, its charm. In Centerbici we organize bike tours in Seville every day of the year. Our shop is open from 9:00h. to 14:00h. and from 16:00h. to 20:00h. to meet all your needs as a traveler, from organized touristic routes to bike rental or repair service in case you have any setback during your visit.

Are you ready to pedal?

Your next adventure in Seville can start here, right in the heart of the city. The Centerbici shop is located in the well-known neighborhood of Alfalfa, a corner of the city with a lot of atmosphere and a point of interest of obligatory stop in any visit to Seville.

All cyclists are well received: families, groups of friends, couples or adventurers who travel alone and who have no problem when sharing a day of discovery and fun with a group of the most varied. Our Sevillian guides are great connoisseurs of the city and will show you all their insights beyond what you are accustomed to seeing in a traditional tour in Seville.

Do you need more reasons to make sure that we are your best option to discover Sevilla by bike?

Hereyou have another one: just by hiring our touristic routes in Seville you’ll get discounts at many establishments in the area or at the entrance to popular events in the city. Great offers to complete your visit to the city.

Book now your Seville tours!!!

F.A.Q. – Frequented Asked Questions

Stipulated time for the tour are 10:30 and 17:00 and we recommended you to book the chosen tour at least a day before, so we can guarantee and organise the visit with proper guide. However, we can attend last minute requests, but we can’t garantee the inscription.

No, anyone who knows how to ride a bike is welcome. We have always adapted the speed of the tour of the participants. We make breaks, during which you can drink, take photos and see monuments and landscapes.

Yes, Centerbici will lead to the city during all the year, and offers you raincoats in case of the rain if you do not take.

Of course, we open every day from 9:00h. to 14:00h. and from 16:00h. to 20:00h. with all our services available for you, rent, tours, workshop…

Yes, and you’ll get a discount of 5€.