Bike workshop in Seville

We get your bike ready

Does your bike need a repair?

Do not let anyone else fix your bike but use our great service.

We have our own qualified, experienced workshop with professional service.

We perform basic bike repairs like fixing faulty brakes, gears, handlebars and chain guards but also pedals adjustments and other maintenance. We clean parts if necessary, adjust your saddle or carry out a full maintenance… all complemented by our full warranty parts.

Trust in us!!!.

Taller de bicicletas en Sevilla
Break adjust
Gear adjustments

Prices of other services can be requested by sending an email to

F.A.Q. – Frequented Asked Questions

We at Centerbici usually have all parts for a repair in stock. But if you already own the part then that’s no problem either. We will only charge you for the labour.

The duration depends on what your bike exactly needs. But at Centerbici, we use between 35 and 55 minutes for a basic repair or mainetance as a guideline.