Bike rental and guided tours in Seville

Welcome to a new way of getting to know Seville, welcome to Centerbici!

Tours in Seville

We show you Seville in an entertaining way, enjoyable and interesting. We offer some guided routes in Seville, based on culture, nature and recreation. Our bilingual guides have a great deal of experience.

Tour Sevilla de Noche | Tours en Sevilla | Rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Tour Seville at Night

Tapas in Seville | Tours in Seville | Guided tours

Tapas Tour

Private Tour in Seville | Tourist routes in Seville | Centerbici

Private Tour

Tour Itálica: La Sevilla romana | Rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Italica Tour: The Roman Seville

Tour del Vino | Rutas turísticas en Sevilla

Wine Tour

Cinema Tour in Seville | Bike guided tours in Seville | Centerbici

Cinema Tour in Seville

Bike rental and guided tours in Seville

Sevillian Tour

Tour Histórico: Las puertas de Sevilla | Tours en Sevilla | Rutas turísticas | Tours en Sevilla

Historic Tour: The doors of Seville

Water tour | Guided tours in Seville | Bike tours in Seville

Water Tour

Craft beer in Seville Tour | Guided tours in Sevile | Bike tour in Seville

Craft beer in Seville Tour

Bike rental in Seville

Getting to know Seville is more fun and easy by bike!

In our service of rent a bike in Seville, we use light, manageable, comfortable and safe bikes. They’re all made in Spain.

We offer you native Sevillian advisors, who will advise you where you can go for dining or drink in our city.

Bike rental in Seville

Why Centerbici?

Our place

In the very center of the city, next to Alfalfa square, close by all points of interest worthy of your visit, public transportation (subway, taxi, bus) and easily accessible as it is situated in a pedestrian Street. A good place for rent a bike in Seville.


Our team

All our guides are Sevillian natives therefore we not only advise the typical guided routes for you to see monuments but also traditional places not usually mentioned by travel agencies or tour guides.


All that visit us will get discounts and deals for events and at patron establishments.

Bicycle workshop in Seville

Bike workshop in Seville

We have our own bike workshop in Seville professional service and experienced mechanical workshop entitled.

We perform basic arrangements like pins, brake adjustments and changes, power settings, and handlebar change pedals and covers, cleaning parts, adaptations to saddles, full maintenance… all complemented by our full warranty parts.

Do not let anyone handle your bicycle, find our servicegood hands!.

What our customers are saying

I’ve seen all of Seville from the comfort of a bike, a highly recommendable guided tour in Seville!.

John McKenzie

Very friendly service, at last I got to know flamenco from within. It was delightful. The best bike tour in Seville.

Anne Murray