Our health is the most precious thing we have. Our body is unique and irreplaceable. We have the possibility of taking care for it.

Protected bike

As I think it should be done, I always carry the basic equipment that allows me to repair a puncture and could return to my starting place. Moreover, whether to have a snack or a refreshing drink, always do I have some extra money in cash and a credit card.

Of course, you can´t miss a document proving myself, and a cell phone to communicate with emergency personnel. As my bike besides being a training tool so is an urban transport, provide it with front and rear lights.

The helmet is one of the elements that I consider essential in both urban and interurban journeys on a bike. While there are critics who reject the imperative to wear helmet in cities basing their arguments in comfort disorders, I believe in my opinion, all these minor inconveniences should not compromise the security of a person, facing the possibility of being able to help minimize injury from a fall or collision.

It may be true that the walking speed is an aggravating factor in the case of an accident, and this is lower in urban areas than on roads. But we are unable to predict what kind and how it will produce a misfortune and importance that could have the helmet in the fall.

Identifying bracelets

Leveraging its comfort for exercise, several companies have designed identifying wrist bands to print name, phone number, allergies, blood type, location or even phrase that relates to you or motivate you to achieve your challenges. The bracelet is a small way, I wish we did not have use to get out of any trouble, but I think it is worth owning it for our security and tranquility.

Enjoying the exercise is one of the benefits of physical activity, thinking of the incidents that we could have, will undermine our mood to work out.